Examples of Event/Live Sports Photography in Windsor and the Surrounding Areas by isookphotography

If you are looking for a
photographer to photograph a game of polo, the prize ceremony or the event
after the game, look no further, as with my 16 years experience photographing
events, portraits, live sports, properties and so on… I can cover your polo game
and the celebrations afterward in a beautiful storytelling way.

When I was first contacted by my
client, The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, to photograph their White
Party last year, in 2022, I was so thrilled to be able to be there and photograph
one of the historical polo clubs in this country!

It was called the White Party, so
everyone had to wear a white outfit and there was no exception for the
photographer either. I love shopping for new outfits so it was a good
excuse for me to get a new dress for the party!

It was a private party, invitation
only, and I was stunned to see the setting of the club, all beautifully
decorated and they were building a stage for the bands and DJs to play for
hundreds of people later on… it was like a mini festival!

As the night came and more guests
arrived in their beautiful white outfits, there were dancing people in shiny
costumes with disco balls on their heads, giant stick people and so many other
things to watch and enjoy… and the weather was just perfect for the event!

It really was a night to remember
in such beautiful surroundings for people to enjoy!

Since then I started photographing
polo games as the club’s official photographer and I absolutely love watching
and photographing the games. What a dynamic and exciting sport polo is! I love
the fact that polo games don’t divide gender or age, there were women and men,
and old and young generations, altogether playing the game in harmony. The
world should live in peace and harmony like this!

I am now going to be photographing
the White Party 2023 in a weeks’ time and I am already excited about it! Of
course, I’ve done my shopping and got a white outfit already, haha!

I’ve no doubt that it will be
another night to remember so stay tuned for the update in a few weeks’ time
when I’ve finished editing the photographs in my beautiful style!

I cover any type of photography
services in Windsor, Berkshire, London and the surrounding areas so I look
forward to hearing from you and peace…


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